3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help During Your Pregnancy

  1. Relief from Common Aches and Pains
    Lower back pain, hip pain, and pelvic pain are all common as pregnancy progresses due to posture changes. A pelvic PT can treat pain with exercise, manual therapy, and modalities such as heat/cold. We can also provide instruction in use of external supports (think “Belly Band”). There are lots of different supports on the market, and your PT can guide in the proper selection for your specific issues. We are also here to provide a “heads up” on common aches and pains in the immediate postpartum period, including what to do for upper back pain from long nights of breast/bottle feeding.
  1. Exercise Recommendations
    Even if you were very active before, your exercise needs may change throughout the course of your pregnancy. A pelvic health PT can guide you through specific exercises to keep your deep abs and pelvic floor strong. Modifications of exercises you are familiar with can keep you on track. We can also discuss safe lifting techniques, positioning for sleeping, and strategies for moving to reduce strain on your already over-stretched muscles.
  1. Prepping for Labor
    Around 34 weeks, your PT can guide you in strategies and exercise for pelvic floor relaxation, breathing techniques, and instruct you in perineal massage. This can help you feel more prepared headed into the delivery room.

It is definitely possible to have an active, comfortable, and empowered pregnancy! Starting early also helps you build a good rapport with your therapist for a seamless transition to postpartum PT if desired. Six weeks postpartum (if cleared by your birth provider) is a great time to return!

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